Working on a film set

4th September 2020 – I had my very first Chaperone assignment this week and was dropped in at the deep end looking after young people on a film set.

It is all hush hush currently of course.

The day started early and I found all the film crew to be absolutely lovely. They were friendly and helpful and I enjoyed the day very much indeed.

I learned a lot too, from the crew and the other Chaperones. Looking forward to doing more with this company very soon.

26th October 2020 – So the day came to work with the film company again. This time at a different location with a group of young support actors aged between 5 and 9. They were very loud, full of energy but great fun.

Again all the film crew were lovely and the production staff were very helpful indeed. I was impressed with the wardrobe department who had everything ready for the young people, their clothes were on hangers with their names on and all they had to do was get in their costumes. Brilliant.

Looking forward to my next assignment, whatever that might be whether that is on a film set, at a theatre or something else.